We are thrilled to announce that in preparation for reopening, Sport Swansea (Swansea University) and the Wales National Pool Swansea (WNPS) (Swansea Council) will be launching a new partnership initiative aimed at improving the experience of our members and customers.

As part of the initiative, the Sport Swansea facilities located on Sketty Lane (International Sports Village) and Bay Campus will join forces with WNPS under a new facility identity – Swansea Bay Sports Park (SBSP), which will introduce new services and systems, creating a better experience for all customers, members and the wider community.

What is happening and what will change?

Enhanced Booking and Communications

In addition to the new name, Swansea Bay Sports Park will have a new online booking system allowing all customers to book pool, gym and class sessions at their convenience. This booking portal along with a new website will be launched in mid – January, information will follow to all members regarding how to access the system. To complement the booking system, a mobile app will be launched early in 2021, with new social media accounts allowing us to better connect with our customers.

New Reception Hub at current WNPS Reception

Once we are able to reopen, a single reception and entrance will be created at the current WNPS reception. As the main entrance to the facility, this reception will be a hub for all members before engaging in their activity. Our dedicated staff will be on hand at the reception desk to help with enquiries and process payments and bookings.

It is important to note that from reopening the current entrance to the Sport Swansea gym and courts on Sketty Lane will become an emergency exit only.

Will my membership be affected?

No, all memberships, including prices will remain the same.

Members will need to agree to a revised set of Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Health Declaration which will released in the near future.

Why now?

Improving our customer experience by creating an enhanced partnership between Sport Swansea and the WNPS facilities has been in development for over 18 months. The aim is to bring together an increased positive experience to all users of the facility. 

While the Covid-19 pandemic presented unforeseen challenges, the team have been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that the SBSP project continued to progress due to the increased importance for a new online booking system. That combined with the app and shared reception will provide enormous benefit to members.

SBSP will provide a comprehensive fitness experience to all members and the greater Swansea Bay community. By joining our facilities in name and reception, both Sport Swansea and WNPS will be able to provide greater opportunities to the wider community while also improving the overall experience for our members.

My main gym is on Bay Campus, how will this affect me?

The Swansea University Bay Campus gym will be part of Swansea Bay Sports Park. Nothing will change with the membership, other than a new membership card. Members will still be able to use both facilities at their convenience.

The Athletics & Hockey Centre on the Sketty Lane site will also be part of Swansea Bay Sports Park. Whilst the process for booking this facility will remain the same, public track bookings will be available via the online booking portal. 

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the members of Sport Swansea and the Wales National Pool Swansea for your ongoing support, including over the past few months. We are excited to move towards a bright new future with you as Swansea Bay Sports Park.

In the meantime if there are any questions, comments, or concerns please contact enquiries.sbsp@swansea.ac.uk.

Best Wishes,

All the Team at Swansea Bay Sports Park