These are our in house classes which we adapt every week based on your feedback. They evolve you, while you evolve them. Below is what you can expect from each class.

Evolve Strength – This class focuses on strength goals, featuring tracked, individual development on the basic beneficial elements needed to improve your capacity, not just for training, but also daily life.

Evolve Blast – Cardio based HiiTs, WODs, AMRAPs, EMOMs and all your other exercise-based acronyms are found here. If we have time we will add an extra difficult finisher afterwards for the brave or foolish. Look for the + symbol.

Evolve Drive – One for the fair weather cyclists who like great music and a roof over their heads. Who says it always rains in Swansea!? Your traditional indoor cycling class.

Evolve Unlimited – A mix of cardio and weights where anything goes. 45 minutes, but if you need to leave after 30 we won’t stop you. It could be anything from traditional circuits to group goal sessions, and even fun seasonal challenges! We will listen to any requests or ideas on these as we like to surprise you with new types of workouts.

Evolve Form – This will complement the work done in our other strength, blast and unlimited classes, and work on 2 elements. Firstly the important functional stabilisation muscles that help other exercises, and secondly toning some accessory areas such as arms, legs, bums and tums.

Yoga – Come and join our experienced instructor for one of our most popular classes. Suitable for experienced and beginners alike.

Relaxing Yoga – This session is a mixture of gentle accessible Yoga, Yogic breathing (Pranayama) and guided relaxation; it is designed to help you release tension and de-stress, particularly helpful if you have to think a lot in your studies or work environment!

Power Yoga – A combination of flow sequences, balances and dynamic postures (asanas) to help energise and strengthen you; classes will be appropriately structured with warm-up practices and easing out before the traditional relaxation/meditation to end the session.

Click here to book a class or you can do this via the Swansea Bay Sports Park App. These are free classes for gym members, or a small fee for Pay As You Go, members. Any ideas, requests or issues, please let us know on