We are so pleased that the Wales National Pool Swansea at Swansea Bay Sports Park has reopened so we can get back in the water!

We know it’s been a long time since you probably stepped into a pool, so we thought it we would share some tips with you. Whether you are a seasoned swimmer or just enjoy the occasional dip, these tips will help you make sure you are feeling confident and return to the pool safely.

As with returning to any exercise, slow and steady wins the race. Whether you are lifting weights in the gym or getting back into running, or in this case, getting back in the pool, we suggest you take it slowly. Work your way up gradually to increase your distance or speed week by week to avoid injuries and fatigue.

Building on from that, we suggest you create yourself a routine to help with your consistency. Plan when you will be swimming that week via the Swansea Sports Park App but also have an idea what you would like to achieve in those sessions, e.g. swim for 20 minutes or swim 5 lengths and increase these when you feel ready to do so. This will help you stay motivated and over a few weeks, you will start to see improvements whilst swimming.

Mix up with strokes to target different muscles. It’s easy to stick with what feels most comfortable to you but challenge yourself occasionally and do a stroke you might not have done for a while. Switching up strokes during your session will also help with decreasing fatigue when swimming longer distances so why not give it a go!

Returning to the pool is also the perfect opportunity for you to revamp your swimwear wardrobe. Finding swimwear that fits properly will reduce the chance of you getting distracted in the pool and can help to make you feel more comfortable and confident when stepping out of the changing village.

Finally, you need to make sure you are fuelling your body effectively. If you are eating before you head to the pool, make sure you allow 2-4 hours beforehand after a large meal and around 30 minutes-2 hours for a smaller one. We suggest packing a banana or a cereal bar so you can refuel after your swimming session.

Okay, this is really is the final one, just enjoy it! We know you have missed the pool because we most definitely have, so make the most of your swim session!

Has reading this inspired you to get back in the pool? Check out our memberships online or why not give our friendly reception team a ring to answer any of your questions.