It’s finally time for Tokyo 2020 to take place and we are so excited to be watching this year. Not only because we love to support Team GB but this year, it’s extra special for us. Dan Jervis and Alys Thomas, Team GB Swimmers, have previously been training here at Swansea Bay Sports Park in preparation of the games.

We we’re lucky enough to be able to have a quick chat with Dan before he flew to the Tokyo games and we asked him a few questions about what it’s like to be an Olympian. Read his answers below or head over to our Instagram (@swanseabaysportspark).

Tell us about the emotions you felt when you knew you would be going to Japan to compete at the Olympic games?

I felt a range of emotions when I first found out I was going to go. I had a good idea I would qualify as soon as I touched the wall. It was a dream come true to me, this is all I ever wanted and for it to actually happen, it’s so much happiness.

You have put in a lot of hard work and shown incredible professionalism to stay at the top for so long. What motivates you to keep going?

I think what motivates me to keep going is that I’ve had the same dream since I was a young child. My dream has always been to qualify for the Olympics and one day win. The moment I wake up and don’t think that dream is a reality, then that’s the day I finish swimming. Swimming is such an intense sport; you have to sacrifice so much.

The reason why I feel like I‘ve been going for so long is because I’ve had that same dream and the support bubble around me who keep me going.

Tell us a little bit about the facilities and the high performance programme based here at Swansea Bay Sports Park?

I’m very fortunate to be from Swansea because I have swam in pools and venues all over the world and I might be a bit biased when I say this but Swansea is one of the best pool I have swam in. It has all the facilities I need, obviously because I haven’t needed to go anywhere else to become an Olympian. This pool here in Swansea is up to scratch with the best in the world!

What advice would you give a young swimmer who has ambitions to one day get to an Olympic games?

“I have so many pieces of advice! The main bit is to enjoy yourself, especially from a younger age. I have friends in swimming from when I first started out when I was young.

You have to be prepared to give up on so many things like time and energy, but it is 100% worth it, and I can tell you that from experience.

Join us throughout the duration of the games and help cheer on Team GB, let’s bring home gold!