To celebrate the Sport Swansea Singleton Gym opening on Sundays, we have introduced Staff Sundays over on our social media platforms. This means every week; you will be introduced to another member of staff here at Swansea Bay Sports Park. Week by week we will be adding all the profiles to the website so you can always check back if you have missed any! Come and meet the team…

Sports Swansea Gym Team

Dom Prescott

Dom is our Duty Manager who looks after the day to day running of both the Singleton and Bay facilities. He also looks after the block bookings of indoor facilities across both campuses, so that’s all the technical stuff on the app and website! Outside of work, Dom loves travel and has been to over 40 countries around the world. He also loves a variety of sports, including rowing, swimming and basketball.

Dylan Kesh Segelov-Comley

Dylan is our Sports Assistant here at Sport Swansea. His role covers the operations at the Sport Centers (Singleton and Bay sites). As one of the co-developers of the Evolve classes, he enjoys programming and instructing on all the Evolve fitness classes. So some of you might recognize him if you’ve been to any of our classes before! He has a passion for playing sport, notably rugby and football. Training at the gym is a major part of his daily routine and helps him keep physically and mentally healthy. His golden rule is there are no sleeves on arm day…anyone else agree?!

Jordan Evans

The first of 2 Jordan’s we have at the Sport Swansea Gyms. Jordan Evans is one of our Sports Assistant and lends a hand with training programmes, Evolve Classes as well as the maintenance of the facilities. When he’s not down at Swansea Bay Sports Park, he spends his time hiking throughout the local area as well as trainspotting.

Jordan Poole

The second Jordan on the team! Jordan Poole is a Duty Manager across the two Sport Swansea Gyms. He helps keep the gym running on a everyday basis with his focus being on the policies and procedures side of things. Jordan ensures all the correct protocols are in place to meet health and safety standards…all the fun stuff! During his free time, and after all his Daddy duties, he plays rugby for Bonymaen RFC but is a fan of all sports in general and loves to socialise with his mates too!

Well that’s the team here at Swansea Bay Sports Park and hopefully it helps you get to know the people you will see around both sites. If you need to contact any of the teams directly, take a look here.