Keeping your activity levels up is the best way to reduce the effects of the excess calorie intake from the extra food and alcoholic beverages consumed over the festive period. Taking into account your daily activity will help you feel ready to take on the new year and keep a routine you have created already.

Try to be as active as possible even when the gym is closed. Remember there are 24 hours in a day if 8 are spent sleeping you have 16 hours to squeeze in some physical activity as we all know how easy it is to sit in front of the TV and binge watch box sets back-to-back during downtime in the festive season!

Here’s my tips on how to increase daily activity levels:

  • Set a daily step target using a fitness tracker or mobile device. Aim for something realistic so you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself to complete them.
  • Plan a daily activity that you enjoy like a kick about in the park with your family, a lunch time walk or bike ride.
  • Park the car further away from the entrance when shopping. This will help towards that step count!
  • Use the stairs rather than the escalator or lift…it will get easier the more you do it, promise!
  • Still set an alarm even if it is 2 hours later than your usual alarm. This will help keep some what of a sleep routine and make sure you can make the most of your day ahead.
  • Set daily to do lists to encourage you to keep active and motivated to complete daily tasks e.g. washing, ironing etc.  
  • Tackle the gardening or make home repairs if you have any to do. This is a great way of ticking something off the ever-growing to-do list as well as keeping moving.
  • Wash the car by hand (depending on the weather of course!)

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