Jordan Evans in the Sport Swansea team has come up with some things to think about during the festivities so you can continue to make progress, but still enjoy the festivities!

Why not use this time as an active recovery or de-load period? It’s important to rest or slow down regularly when training and this is the perfect opportunity. If you feel like training, why not go lighter in weights or train for a shorter amount of time. Similarly, if you don’t feel like it and your body need to rest, then do that. Listening to your body during this time will mean you feel well-rested going into the new year!

Remain active by doing an activity you enjoy. Even if you are resting from the gym, or taking it slower, you can still move your body. Check out Leon’s recent blog to get some ideas on how to stay active, which doesn’t include working out.

It’s easy to think that we are now in party season…okay, we are a bit! But it’s important to make sure you are getting enough sleep and not disrupting your sleeping pattern too much. Try to avoid too many late nights and aim for 7 to 9 hours where possible.

Plan ahead…this goes for all year round! If you plan your activity, you’re more likely to do it! Book in a walk with a friend or if you are heading to the gym, check out our Evolve timetable and sign up for a class. This way, you can schedule the rest of your plans around your activity.

Finally, avoid excessive weighing of yourself. Although it can be tempting to step on the scales regularly, this can be detrimental in many ways. Take a break from the scales and enjoy this time of year!