Are you running the Swansea half marathon this year? We are running a 6-week specialist Pilates course starting on May 5th 2023 to get you and your body ready.

Pilates for Runners is a 6-week specialist Pilates course (designed by the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute), which focuses on three key essential components – Posture, Strength and Flexibility. The 6-week course will focus on improving balance and posture control, improving core control and core strength, improving flexibility, resisting fatigue, reducing the risk of running injury and promoting post-run recovery. This specialist Pilates course is suitable for recreational runners looking to improve their running form, core strength and posture control, to more advanced runners looking to reduce injury and aid in recovery over longer endurance distances.

This is a course as opposed to a class and therefore there is an additional cost required on top of an existing gym membership. You do not necessarily have to have a membership to be a participant in the course, but you would still need to register as a Pay-as-you Go user. However, if you do have a current membership with us the course has been discounted. Each session will be progressive over the course of this six-week period.

Cost: £40.00 per course.
Members Cost: £30.00 per course

Start Date: 05/05/2023

Schedule: Friday evenings – 18:30-19:45