Dear Customers,

As part of our continuous improvement works here at Wales National Pool Swansea, we have some works scheduled for the hydraulic system which operates the moveable floor. The flexibility that the floor gives us allows us to undertake a wide variety of activities and so this work is essential. It does however mean that until the work is complete we are unable to use the 23m section of the pool either when the pool is in full 50m mode or as the split pool.

Starting on August 29 we expect the work to take about a week and we will be getting the pool back up and operational as quickly as possible afterwards.

In an effort to limit the disruption to our customers as much as we can, we have added additional times and lanes for public swimming both in the 25m split and Training Pool whilst the 23m split is out of commission.

In addition as part of our drive to make the operation of the facility more sustainable we are having some testing undertaken on Wednesday 30th August. This means on that day only the pool will be closed from 09.30 to 16.00.  Alternative access arrangement are being made for gym customers.

We will be updating the timetable from next week and as always we do advise that you check this timetable before you come to swim.  This is all in accordance with our terms and conditions and no extensions or refunds will be given.

Opening Hours – Swansea Bay Sports Park

Where you have swimming lessons and these are affected we have contacted you directly to let you know what is happening.

We apologise for any inconvenience cause whilst these essential upgrades are made.