We’ve compiled a list of tips we think will help make your journey to fitness a successful one.

1. Ask for help – the staff are always on hand to help

2. Be consistent – plan a number of sessions per week that you can stick to.

3. Stay hydrated

4. Set yourself goals

5. Track your workouts so that you can see your progress.

6. Pick a good playlist

7. Mix up your workouts – take advantage of the range of classes available (HIIT, Spin, Strength, Yoga)

8. Don’t feel embarrassed or worry about what other people think – this may sound easier said than done but trust me everyone in the gym is focusing on themselves.

9. Pick exercises that you enjoy – it shouldn’t feel like a chore.

10. Bring a friend and have a workout buddy.

11. Make sure to stretch – warming up and cooling down your muscles is important to prevent injuries and strains.

If you need anymore help or even a plan to follow, please speak to a member of staff.

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