Frequently Asked Questions

My child is about to start swimming lessons, what should I remember?
  • Most importantly please don’t forget to tell us if you child has any medical conditions or special educational needs. It’s always helpful to have even the smallest piece of information to help us provide your child the best tuition possible.
  • Long hair needs to be tied back and long fringes clipped, swim hats are ideal.
  • Don’t send them in bikinis or baggy shorts – they hinder their progress. If your child needs appropriate swimwear we have some lovely options available to buy at Reception.
  • At the end of each lesson your teacher will endeavour to provide you with brief feedback. If for any reason they don’t get to you, please do not hesitate to approach them if there is something you wish to discuss.
  • Regular attendance is required for good development. Learning to swim is a lesson and like all lessons, practise is essential – time in the water after school or on weekends will really help.
  • Some weeks your child will go into deeper water to assist with their development and to avoid complacency. Some may find this daunting, though please do not be concerned about this, they will be given the appropriate buoyancy aid where necessary and we will look after them very carefully.
  • The last week of the course is a fun week, a reward for hard work over the course. Whilst this session appears less structured they will be learning new skills such as foundation moves for synchronised swimming, mini water polo and diving.
What learn to swim plan does Aqua School use?

Wales National Pool Swansea uses Swim Wales’ Learn to Swim Wales framework (LTSW). Swim Wales are the Governing Body for Swimming in Wales.

What is Learn to Swim Wales (LTSW)?

Learn To Swim Wales is a seamless pathway from a baby’s first experience in the water with an adult, to children who are competent swimmers fully equipped to continue with aquatic activities for the rest of their lives. It has four distinctly branded areas:

  • Splash Confidence Skills – Babies and toddlers – introduction to the aquatic environment and water
  • Nofio Ysgol  – Key Stage 2 School Swimming
  • Wave Skills  –  Learn to Swim – learning and developing fundamental movement and aquatic skills
  • Skills – Aquatic Disciplines – developing specific skills in the aquatic disciplines; swimming, water polo, diving, synchronised swimming and self-rescue.
How does re-enrolment work?

Once registered on a course you have priority to rebook. On week 11 or 12 you will receive an email stating which class you or your child has been allocated. It will also give you a deadline to make any changes and a deadline for payment. If you pay by this date your/your child’s space is secure. Many customers pay as soon as they receive the email as deadline day is notoriously busy!

What happens if I can’t make the day/time allocated?

If you are unable to make the time/day allocated then we ask that you follow the instructions on the bottom of the email, by the deadline specified, in order to request a change. We will contact you when we can accommodate this. If we are unable to accommodate your request we will ring to discuss alternatives. Please note this maybe after the deadline but your allocated space will be secure until we contact you.

Why can’t you ‘hold’ my place for me?

Due to high demand for our lessons, there is a very strict deadline for any booking alterations and payments. Failing to follow these dates (detailed in your email) could result in you losing your place.

We have over 700 customers in our children’s learn to swim programme. Each course some do not re-enrol for a variety of reasons. If we secure every place without payment many customer would be unable to make alterations and would be unable to accommodate new siblings/new customers. In order to be fair to all we have to be very strict with re-enrolments.

You have our credit card details, so why not automatically debit the next course?

Unfortunately whilst we take your card details at point of purchase, our booking system does not allow us to store card details.

How do new customers enroll?

New customers should contact our reception team for us to ascertain if you can be waitlisted or if you require an assessment. An assessment will allow you to be placed on the correct waitlist as it is very difficult to make changes once a course starts and you child may end up in a class above or below their ability without having one. It is important that you keep hold of your assessment slip. Once waitlisted you will be emailed once existing customers have been accommodated.

When does a Swimmer Achieve an Award?

A student must pass ALL outcomes for that Wave or RLSS Stage before they achieve an award. The outcomes MUST be performed to a standard that is stipulated by the Governing Body for the teaching plan. Pupil report forms for most courses are given out the first week of re-enrollment and certificates are given out on the last week of the course.

When my child achieves an award and moves up, will there be a place for them?

WNPS will guarantee a place for every child already in the system, however, we cannot guarantee the suitability of every day, time and course offered if your child is moving up.

What method of communication do you use to let us know of changes and other important information?

Via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, our noticeboards, members of staff, and very occasionally by letter.

What should I do if I have a medical condition?

It is extremely important in a swimming pool environment to ensure that you are safe whilst having fun. If you have any medical condition which could affect your participation or safety then it is essential you let a lifeguard know, or if you are attending a staffed session, to let the instructor know. This is for all our sessions from Splash & Play to the more challenging long course Swim 4 Tri Session. It is also very important to inform an instructor if you are attending any fitness session, if you are pregnant as some aquacise/aquafit exercises can be detrimental to pregnancy.