Meet our dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly team at Swansea Bay Sports Park. 

Wales National Pool Swansea

Wales National Pool Swansea manage and maintain the pools, swimming courses and aquatic fitness classes here at Swansea Bay Sports Park. Meet the team who you’ll see at our facilities below: 

General Manager – Jeremy Cole:

Operations Manager – Sian Gillies:

Sports Manager – Emily Dougherty:

Sports Manager – Jonah Millar:

Aqua School Coordinator – Toni-Lee Lambert:

Admin Assistant – Sian Whitmore:

Admin Assistant – Laura Hamilton:

Singleton Sports Centre

The Sport Swansea team manage and maintain the gym, hockey and athletics facilities, sports halls and courts, Bay Campus facilities, as well as camps and academies and special events here at Swansea Bay Sport Park. Meet the team who you’ll see at our facilities below:

Sports Operations Manager – Andrew Griffiths:

Indoor Facilities Manager – Bryan Culliford:

Indoor Facilities Assistant Manager – Jordan Poole:

Duty Manager – Leon Findlay:

Duty Manager – Claire Matthews:

Duty Manager – Jordan Evans:

Athletics and Hockey Centre

Athletics & Hockey Centre Manager – Andy Phillips:

Duty Manager – Aaron Houlihan:

Duty Manager – Aled Price:

Singleton Playing Fields

Grounds Manager – John Courtney:

Grounds Supervisor – Ross Davies: