Swansea Bay Sports Park is lucky to be home to Wales National Pool Swansea which caters for many types of swimming and has a diverse portfolio of aquatic sports, ranging from absolute beginners to international standard.

Wales National Pool Swansea holds our state of the art 50 meter pool which can be divided into two pools with its unique moveable floor, allowing various floor depths and angles, of which are great for family swimming.

The impressive 50m 8 lane swimming pool and separate 4 lane 25m Training Pool, has seating for over 1,000 spectators, making it the perfect facility to host competitions and events. Facilities include changing rooms, café and meeting facilities, plus a wide range of sport services too.

Opening Hours – Swansea Bay Sports Park


Why Swim  

Swimming has been proven to have numerous amazing benefits.

If you are getting back into it or thinking about trying swimming for the first time, these are a few of the benefits you can expect to see over time: 

  • Tones the body without putting stress on the joints
  • An excellent cardiovascular workout
  • Improves your strength and flexibility
  • Enhances muscular stamina
  • A fast effective remedy for healing muscles and recovery from injury
  • Helps weight control – swimming is a great calorie burner (on average you burn 3 calories a mile per pound of bodyweight)
  • Can be done on your own or with your family and friends
  • Swimming can reduce blood pressure

Please Note

25m Training Pool and 23m split pool at 1.25m – adult/child ratios

Under 4yrs4yrs – under 8yrs8yrs+
one adult to one childone adult to two children no adult company required

Children aged between 8 and 11 must pass a 50m pool test before being allowed to access the 50m pool or 25m spilt due to the depth of the water.