Freshers Fayre is your first proper introduction to university as a new student, and this year it was a hit. If you want to hear more about the success of this year’s Freshers Fayre, keep on reading!

Whether or not you have moved far from home, away from friends and family, we are here to assist you with an easy transition into student life at Swansea University. University is the prime opportunity for making lifelong friends and memories you will never forget, and the annual Freshers Fayre is an event not to be missed.

Freshers is a two-day event which is usually held in the Sports Hall of Singleton Sports Centre at Swansea Bay Sports Park. The Sports Hall is filled with stalls and friendly people giving information about the broad range of societies at Swansea University and helps you get the most out of your experience by helping you meet like-minded people.

The objective of the Fayre is to give people as much insight as possible into the societies and events they can join, whether it be Sports, Politics, History or Music – the Swansea Uni Students’ Union have most likely got a society waiting for you! The best bit? People are always handing out freebies!

This year, like most, Freshers was a huge success. We are lucky to have the pleasure of welcoming new and old students through our doors and show them around the facilities.

Last year, we had an outdoor activity stand where people had to throw a certain number of basketballs into a net within 30 seconds to win a prize. Another aspect of the stand was a weightlifting competition where people had to hold weights for 30 seconds to win a prize.

The prizes included new Swansea Bay Sports Park merchandise, such as bottle openers, flip flops, bottles, and tote bags, and even a pair of Swans tickets for a couple of winners – to say the winners were pleased would be an understatement!

We didn’t have an outdoor activity stand this year, but we ensured everyone got what they came to the stand for – new merchandise and plenty of it! We are so pleased with how the new drawstring bags and caps came together as they’re great additions to what people use and wear when visiting the gym.

One thing we must mention about Freshers is the atmosphere…

From fun games and free sweet treats to Ariel dancers and the DJ society playing bangers (and more), you must walk around the Freshers stalls to gauge exactly what is it that Swansea University has to offer new students!

If you did attend Freshers this year, did you visit the Swansea Bay Sports Park promotion stand? We’re always looking for new members to join the gym and test out the facilities. Usually at the Freshers Fayre we make sure someone from the SBSP team is always available to help people tour the facilities and we love showing people around the exercise studios and showcasing the equipment available for members.

For £16 per month, we have one of the most competitive student membership options available. Or, if you’re in the mood to save money, you can opt to purchase the 3-month membership for £45 – what a bargain! There are some great value student offers available at the Wales National Pool, too.

As always, we are proud and grateful to be able to host this excellent event in our facility where we get to witness people make special bonds and memories. If you came to see us, thank you! We hope you enjoyed Freshers and got to learn more about all the fun health and fitness options at Swansea Bay Sports Park. If you or anyone you know is interested in / thinking of joining the gym, we’ve got you covered!

View our membership options here and feel free to contact the SBSP team if you would like to have a look around the facilities.


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