Singleton Playing Fields Update – December 2023


The 3G project continues to progress at pace. To date, the contractors, South Wales Sports Grounds, have:

  • Completed earthworks to establish new levels for the playing surfaces
  • Laid a membrane and installed a stone layer to provide the base of the 3G
  • Installed the majority of fenceposts with fence panels and high level netting a work in progress
  • Laid ducting and pipework for services around the pitch (electric, data, water)
  • Completed the storage compound

More recently, attention has switched to installation of perimeter kerbs and the 8 floodlight stanchions, and formation of new footpaths to serve the pitches, all of which are nearing completion.

Work will continue into the new year to prepare the pitch for the tarmac layer, shock pad, and 3G installation.

At this stage, the target completion date is Tuesday 6th February 2024. However, this remains subject to change, dependent upon the weather in the coming weeks.

Grass Pitch:

Work to level and seed the lower grass pitch was completed in late October. Whilst the seed has come through across the majority of the surface, the huge amount of rainfall through November has caused some seed to wash away. This will be addressed by the contractors in early spring, when they plan carry out some remedial works, dressing and reseeding the surface where required.

We hope to have this pitch back in action by mid-spring, 2024.