Looking for some ways to stay fit and healthy whilst studying? Here are some ways to get started…

Join a sports team

Swansea Bay Sports Park is the home of Sport Swansea, which covers over 50 different sports teams. There really is something for everyone, from rugby, to tennis, to archery to surfing. Make sure you check out all Sport Swansea has to offer here.

Not only does joining a sports team keep you moving but also is the perfect opportunity to meet new people outside your course and halls. So will you be joining the green and white army?

Get outdoors

We are so lucky living in Swansea that we are surrounded with such natural beauty. Either jump on the bus and go explore the Gower, or head down to the bay for a sea dip but make sure your prepared for all weathers!

Why not travel over to Langland (hop on the bus outside Fulton House on Singleton Campus) and do the coastal walk to Caswell. The walk each way takes about 30 minutes and the views are spectacular, plus there are coffee shops waiting at either end for you refuel.

Become a member of the gym

Swansea University has two gyms located at Swansea Bay Sports Park and the Bay Campus so your never too faraway from one. Memberships for students start from as little as £15 a month and we offer a range of options to suit everyone.

Why not try out the Evolve classes they host too? This is the perfect way to ensure you are mixing your workouts up as well as progressing every week. The range of classes cover everything from strength to cardio to holistic sessions.

Get those steps in

Save yourself a taxi fare and get walking! This is a great way to stay active as well as saving some pennies. Put on your favourite podcast and walk from your halls to your lecture or if your spending the day in the library, make sure you take a stroll during your breaks.

Balanced diet

It’s easy to get into the habit of getting takeaways and eating out, especially as your schedules get busier. Try cook at home where you can and include different fruit and vegetables to try reach the goal of 5 a day. Our favourite meal for when we need to refuel after a busy day would a Stir Fry. Really easy and quick to make, we throw together different vegetables with a source of protein like prawns or chicken, and serve with either noodles or rice…perfect!