New to the gym? Take a look at our 5 top tips for exercising at the gym for beginners!

Warm Up

And cool down! Both are extremely important when exercising regularly to avoid injuries. We have spaces within the gym where you can do mobility exercises and stretches so make sure you add in time at the start and the end of the workout to add these in. If you’re not sure where to start, ask one of the team to help you.

Train with a friend

Grab your gym buddy and come work out together. Not only will this help motivate yourself to even get to the gym, but also how well you perform when you’re here. Why not sign up for an Evolve class together?

Don’t push too hard

Ease yourself into working out and don’t bite off more than you can chew! This is the case for what you’re doing at the gym as well as how often you visit. When at the gym, slowly increase your weights or distance over time, and make sure you are focusing on your form. When it comes to how often your visit, set yourself realistic goals and increase over time, don’t feel like you need to be coming every day!

Stay hydrated

Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout your workout but also throughout the day too, especially when it gets to summer! Our gyms have water machines where you can fill your water bottles up during your visits.

Try something different

Mix up your workout sessions with different activities to prevent yourself from getting gym fatigue. This could be as simple as changing your workout plan regularly or even trying something outside of the gym like a game of tennis or going for a run.