Evolve HIIT

Cardio based HiiTs, WODs, AMRAPs, EMOMs and all your other exercise-based acronyms are found here. Designed to be a full body high intensity training session to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Evolve Barbell Class

A full body workout involving the studio barbells and kettle bells. This class is designed for those who are newer to resistance training but still want to challenge themselves and use some weights. Once you gain confidence in this class then you can always progress on to Strength & HIIT!

Evolve Strength & HIIT

A combination class involving compound lifts with an Olympic barbell and other resistance-based exercises finished off with a quick HIIT section to raise your heart rates!

Evolve Core

This class is purely based on strengthening the core muscles both in traditional abdominal exercises and more functional ways. It is only a 30 minute class and will compliment the other classes you may wish to do!